18 March 2021




Most of the time people don’t really think about the safety of connections and networks while surfing the internet. That’s quite natural, not everyone knows all the nooks and crannies of how the internet actually works. The real problem with that is the danger that’s hidden somewhere in between. The devil is in the details. A cute cat picture or a simple link can cause a security breach of your data without your knowledge. However, you can easily secure your personal information with a proxy server. 

What is a Proxy Server?

Proxyserver basically works as an intermediary between your computer and the web. Whenever you surf the internet and send a request, it directly connects to the web page. A proxy works like a firewall in this case – you send a request to the proxy server, the internet traffic flows through it, secures your personal information and then it redirects you to the requested source. Sounds pretty cool and complicated, right? Luckily, there are proxy services that can free you from the headache of setting up anything on your own. ABM.NET is a highly recommended service of premium residential proxies with more than 36+ locations around the world. You can use their proxies for literally any use case with only one rule – whatever you use the proxy for, it has to be absolutely legal. 

Why Use a Proxy? 

A proxy server comes in handy for both individuals and organizations.There are several benefits to proxies, let’s dive into some of them: 

  • To control internet usage: neither parents nor employers want their people looking at things they shouldn’t be looking at. A correctly configured proxy can deny access to certain websites. It’s a way to monitor the content, web requests and time that was spent on surfing the internet instead of working or doing homework. 
  • Privacy and security: proxies provide a secure connection and prevent from security breaches. They change your IP address, so the destination server doesn’t know who made the original request. Proxies can also be configured in a way that they can encrypt your web requests. All these measures are aimed at protecting your personal data. 
  • Bypassing blocked resources: it’s no secret that certain countries, government organizations and companies impose restrictions on content. For example, China. People can’t access instagram, facebook or any other popular website without a proxy. You’re in America but want to watch a Netflix show that’s only accessible to the UK viewers? A proxy server can fix that too. 
  • Caching: proxies can cache websites and store the data. So, the next time you visit a website that you have visited before, it will load much faster .

Besides all of that, proxies can actually add a great value to your business. Market research is a huge part of any successful business and it’s a not-stop process. Surprisingly, proxies can help with that too, especially in these areas:

  • Market Research;
  • Protection of intellectual property;
  • Web scraping/Web crawling;
  • SEO;
  • Ad verification;

To sum up, a proxy server provides a high level of privacy and security, filters some nasty stuff that’s out there in the open, improves the network performance and it can also help you go around blocked resources that are imposed in certain countries. In the next article we will dive into the importance of market research with the help of a proxy server. 

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